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New Age Curriculum at RIA

The New Age Curriculum at Ryan International Academy provides students with a holistic, personalised learning experience. It is a curriculum that is designed to nurture compassionate future-ready national and global citizens who are independent, free-thinking and capable of paving their own way. The curriculum focusses on innovative learner-centered pedagogy delivered by inspiring educators facilitated through a safe and enabling environment.

The New Age Curriculum adopts the principles of active and experiential learning and blends kinesthetic learning strategies with the use of technology required for Digital Age Learning. It provides learners with an optimal balance of collaborative, sensory and hands-on activities melded with technology-based learning. At RIA we provide a ‘learning adventure’ that is constructed to also cultivate emotional intelligence, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, competencies and attitudes in our 21st century learners.

The 3 key elements of the New Age Curriculum are as follows:

New Age Curriculum
KASSM Approach & 12 Point Vision
Development of 21st Century Learner
Innovative Learner Centred Experiential Learning
IKIGAI Center for Learning
Sports Academy of Excellence


Inspired by international standards for learner-centred and innovative teaching practices,Innovative Learner Centred Experiential Learning allows learners to actively explore a multitude of themes across subjects. This method of learning facilitates diverse and versatile learning experiences for the learners. They participate in specially curated real-life based activities and projects that help to explore concepts and develop 21st century skills.

Innovative Learner Centred Experiential Learning is also integrated with a value-based Life Skill programme and a host of other academic programmes such as the Science Experiential Programme, English Language Enhancement Programme, Maths Centre for Excellence and so on. At RIA we also follow a plethora of positive Classroom Management techniques and empathetic Student Management strategies such as Star of the Week and Motivational Pyramid to nurture and foster 21st century learners.



At RIA we have a dedicated IKIGAI Centre for Learning that focuses on foundational, passion building and vocational initiatives.

Sports Academy of Excellence

At Ryan, we firmly believe that participation in sports is an essential part of the learning process. We build the ecosystem for sports and physical development for children. This includes physical infrastructure, equipment, specialized coaches, tournaments, national and international associations, and sports exchange programs.

We offer in-school programmes and after school programmes for the students.

In-School Programme

Scientifically planned sessions to develop sporting skills

Structured physical education (skill-based training) and yoga

Specialized multi, sports coaching (every learner to be trained in 2 sports)

Training for intra-school, inter-school and zonal, district and national competitions

Evaluation and feedback

After School Programme

Tie-ups with accredited coaches/academies for individual and team sports

Expert training for district state, national & international level competitions

Sports tours and camps

Nutrition guidance

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